Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Top Rescue 11,Rich business life

The taylormade rescues 11 incorporate steel, pull-face constructions to allow for a thin, fast clubface that promotes fast speed and minimum weight. Different from others taylormade rescues 11 are also very adjustable that adjust the loft with Flight Control Technology (FCT) just like the driver. The white crown color provides optimum contrast against both the black clubface and ground to make the rescue 11 easier to aim. You can adjust the loft by 2 degrees, the face angle by 4 degrees, and even change the lie angle by 2 degrees. The lie angle determines if you hit the ball on the toe or the heel so you can adjust it to hit it in the sweet spot. It’s honestly pretty amazing what they are doing with these new clubs. While with the rescue 11 can make more distance.

A re-designed, low friction sole only allows a small percentage of the club to come in contact with the ground. This allows the club to glide freely and squarely through impact without slowing or twisting, for extra accuracy and distance, even on heavy shots when you hit slightly behind the ball.

This versatile taylormade rescues 11 features a white non-glare finish on the crown and black clubface for easy alignment, which complete with a 4-degree face angle change, a 2-degree loft change, a 2-degree lie angle change and a 1,000 RPM spin change, for perfect shots from anywhere on the course.

Since I could not turn the ball over with this club, I decided to make it as hooked faced as possible with hopes that I could turn it over. After changing the setting to "Higher" which also changes the face angle to the most closed setting, I started hitting balls again. First shot…nice high fade. I started laughing out loud!!! I could not get this thing to turn over! I was really awestruck. Nearly all hybrids I can turn over, some more than others and some only will go left for me. After hitting 40 or so balls, I determined it HAD to be this shaft. Or was it?

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