Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Rescue 11, Discount for Sale

Separated by a few months of product launches we intend to set the record straight that the rescue 11 is just as amazing as the R11 driver. The Fairway features the same Flight Control Technology as the Driver which allows players to adjust each one of their shots. This means the adjustable sole changes face and launches angles. The most eye catching part of this fairway is the impressive all white non-glare club head finish. That's what's not as impressive the adjustability and versatility is what really distinguishes this clubs above the rest. With the ability to adjust the club to either a neutral or closed face allows golfers the unique ability to shape their shots.

TaylorMade rescue 11 has a great tradition and the new Rescue which is part of the rescue 11 range looks like a winner too. The deeper face makes it easier to get the ball airborne. The TaylorMade Rescue 11 is the latest and greatest from one of the top names in golf. The Flight Control Technology allows you to adjust the club's face; loft and lie for each shot while the lower center of gravity will produce higher launches. This adjustable hybrid looks just as good as it plays with a 4-degree face angle change, a 2-degree loft change, a 2-degree lie angle change and a 1,000 RPM spin change, meaning perfect shots from anywhere on the course. It has a new deeper face, which produces a more penetrating flight. The white non-glare crown and black clubface (which provides easy alignment) will improve your game and that sleek white finish will make you the center of attention on the course and in the clubhouse

When the Taylormade R11 series received a good response from golfers, then they launched the left handed irons, driver and the fairy wood. Right here I have the pleasure to talk about the Left Handed Taylormade R11 Fairway Wood and the Taylormade R11 Driver. Both are the best golf clubs among the r11. However, the rescue 11 is better than the two clubs. I decided to buy the golf set once more.

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